75% Firming Body Cream*

Snail Secretion Filtrate


Nourishing cream with Snail Secretion. This cream helps improve your skin firmness and tone, thanks to the active principles contained in its formula: Snail Secretion (nourishing), Snail Secretion Active Water (firming), Hyaluronic Acid (plumping), Caffeine (lipolytic and draining), Plant Glycerine (hydrating), Organic Jojoba Oil (moisturising), Organic Calendula Extract (re-epithelising) and Organic Argan Oil (oxygenating). The active ingredients make the skin more even and smooth, help contrast the formation of stretch marks, make the skin more compact and firm, and help drain excess liquids. Use it for an extended period, along with the 90% Snail Secretion Total Body Gel, to improve its effectiveness.

  • Size: 200 ml℮/7.04 FL.OZ.

Apply a proper amount of cream on the relevant body area and massage until fully absorbed.

(*) Organic ingredients
(**) Ingredient supporting Biodiversity
* Made with Snail Secretion and Snail Secretion Active Water