85% Lipo Repair Up-Gravity Breast-Neck-Face Cream*

Snail Secretion Filtrate


Deluxe face, neck and breast serum with snail secretion and snail secretion enzyme extract (with a natural nourishing and anti-ageing effect), and HD effect ingredients, that help contour your cheeks and chin, smoothing out and firming up your neck and breasts. Strength: a rich blend of active ingredients, that make your skin brighter and better-looking (skin microbiome balancing complex). Pure snail secretion transmitted by liposomes, and obtained also by enzyme extraction, to make your skin more supple; Tetrapeptide-2 helps contrast flabbiness, while the anti-pollution seaweed complex completes the serum unique action, by strengthening the natural defence system against pollution, smog and weather damages; lastly, the Up-Gravity complex keeps your skin supple and compact. Apart from these unique active ingredients, our serum contains Hyaluronic Acid with an average molecular weight (increased anti-ageing effect); organic oat glycerine extract and organic Goji glycerine extract (stimulating and energizing effect, and anti-oxidant properties), to help boost your face, neck and breasts.

  • Size: 30 mle /1.05 FL.OZ.

Use before the face cream. Apply a few drops on your face, neck and breasts in circular motions, until fully absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes.

* Made with Snail Secretion, Snail Secretion Active Water Extract and Snail Secretion Liposomes.
(**) Organic ingredients.